Consider the type of skin. Liquid Foundation suitable for any type – they quickly and easily distributed over the skin, easy to apply with fingers or sponge, they do not overburden the makeup. Compact Foundation creamand it is better to choose those women who have dry skin – their composition contains a lot of mineral oils that soften and moisturize. If the skin is prone to irritation, it is easy to have pimples or redness, then use a hypoallergenic creamand antibacterial additives. Persistent tonal creamand fit the ladies with oily skin where the ordinary tools very quickly begin to "float".
Pick the right shade of Foundation cream. Color creamand must exactly match your natural skin tone – the more natural and invisible it will appear on the face, the better. Too dark, cream ages the skin and light colors can contrast with the colour of the neck, hands or décolleté. Tone cream with shimmering or reflective particles is not suitable for daily use, it can be used from time to time.
Choose a tool with UV filters. The skin should be protected from the sun, so it will be better if a tone cream will be labeled "SPF 15" or higher.
If your skin needs to be tightened, then choose the Foundation cream with a lifting effect-it hides the wrinkles, improves the oval of the face.
Oily skin to be matted, so tonal cream should have the respective effect.
Always test the tool before purchase. Going to the store, clean the skin – you have to apply a little creamand cheek. Blend composition according to the skin and wait five minutes. Then take a look at yourself in the mirror in artificial light and go to the window or go outside – the cream should match the color of your skin.
Do not be guided by the cost creama – always try the tool in action. Among the low tone creams you will be able to find one that will suit your skin perfectly, and the most costly trains may not perform its functions on your skin. From time to time change its preferences and try something new, adding another cream to the list suitable for you funds.