The choice of textures

A time when creams were heavy and greasy, long gone. Modern tools come in a variety of textures - they offer different coverage, go easy or tight, camouflage flaws, protect, level and smooth the face. You can find options which are applied with fingers, sponge or brush.

A versatile option, suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin - moisturizing cream. This tool is available in bottles with a dispenser and is very convenient to use. Moisturizing Foundation smoothes the skin and creates the effect of a well-groomed person without makeup.

For extremely dry skin needs nourishing tinted balm. This tool tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, removes irritation and peeling. The coating is quite dense and well protects your face from adverse weather conditions.

Liquid emulsion oil-free ideal for normal to oily skin. They are indispensable in summer, do not cause clogging of pores and formation of comedones. Light emulsion, water-based has a lightweight covering power and does not hide visible flaws.

For those who want to create the effect of perfectly smooth skin, fit air creams-mousses. These types of foundations are applied with a brush or sponge driven, well concealing any skin imperfections from age spots and freckles to scars and pimples. For oily skin mattifying mousse containing microcube and gives the face a beautiful velvety appearance.

For Mature skin recommended creams with reflective particles. Especially good with a slight lifting effect - tightens the face, giving it more shape. Lifting creams are perfect for evening makeup.

Perfect color

To choose the right color of the Foundation, carefully test the cream in the store. Apply on lower part of the face a few strokes. The ideal would be one that almost merges with your skin. Red color means that the cream is too dark for you, and grayish shade are too light means.

Do not limit yourself to one shade of Foundation on all occasions. Pale skin in winter and in summer takes on a Golden hue. Summer creams should be darker. To achieve the perfect color by mixing several shades of Foundation. To lighten the tool will help moisturizer - mix it with Foundation before applying to face. If the tone seems too bright, you can give it a rich color with a couple of drops of tanning.

Cosmetologists recommend to choose creams yellowish colour - they look as natural as possible. Pinkish or grayish creams in the daytime will resemble a mask. Note that different types of skin the same shade looks different. For example, a fat person will make the Foundation darker.