Take an ordinary diaper - cotton or flannel - preferably the largest size. Put her on the changing table or other smooth hard surface. Mentally divide the material in half vertically, and position of the baby tummy up on the left half of the fabric so that his left hand was placed along the imaginary line.
Ensure that the top edge of the diaper was slightly above the edges of the baby's ears, roughly in line with the back of his head. A common mistake is to put the baby too high in relation to the upper edge of the material that remains below the level of the head.
Take the left hand middle top edge of the diaper cover and baby. The fabric will be diagonally from the depth of neck creases to the thighs of the baby, forming around the neck of the likeness of one of the sides of the gate men's shirts and hiding one handle crumbs (right), which at the moment of wrapping hold your own hand (also right) his belly button. Bottom tuck the diaper under the ass of a newborn.
Now take the top edge of the remaining half of the diaper with the right hand, left hand, hold the free hand of the child at the navel, cover with crumbs again diagonally from neck to hip, wrapping material under the feet. If you did everything correctly, the child's shoulders will be tightly secured and completely covered the $ the base of the neck with a soft cloth. You will only need to wrap the legs of the baby.
Straighten both hands two of the lower end of the diaper, which is now a trapezoid with a broad base. Cover material the body of the baby to about the level of the armpits (as you child grows, this level is shifted to the navel). Wrap tightly on both sides of the fabric around the crumbs, first one side, then the other. The area of the top layer fill in the bottom (because fixed bath towel).