Contact the company on whose shares you want to obtain the right of inheritance. Will receive extract from the register of shareholders which confirms the presence of a company's share of the testator at the time of death. At this stage may be the first difficulty. You can report unscrupulous people that have not enrolled a participant in or shareholder. Remember that this information can be checked by contacting the registration authority.
Examine the financial activities of the company to which you received shares in legacy. Perhaps the company is loss-making or involved in crime, get in her share will be unprofitable for you. Fight only for inheritance, which can bring you profit.
Get a probate case at the notary. You still need to submit a certificate of registration, a death certificate, a will or documents that prove family relationship. If the shares inherited may get a few people, then they should all go to the same notary. Otherwise, the probate case be declared void.
Rate the action. This step is required in order for the notary to be able to determine the value of inherited property and rights for cash. After this you need to collect the remaining documents for registration of inheritance.
Will receive a certificate of right to inheritance. If you cannot decide on the inheritance of shares in a notarial order, it is recommended to file a lawsuit in court. This is necessary in case if the company's owners do not want to share with the future heir and refused to assist in the provision of documents confirming availability of the shares of the testator.