The first way – the stamp

Upload a photo in photoshop, zoom in to the region to be adjusted. Tool, suitable to remove minor skin blemishes such as pimples called "stamp", you can choose in the left menu of the workspace panel or by pressing the S button on the keyboard.

Set the brush diameter a bit larger than the size of the defect. Select the area with clean skin, the most suitable color and texture. Hold down the Alt key, hover over the selected area and fix the selection by pressing the left mouse button. Release the key.

Move the cursor to netuserenum area and again click the left mouse button. If a fragment for overlap was chosen, at the site of the pimple will not be over. In the case of unnatural skin tone in an editable area try to increase or decrease the opacity of the brush.

The second way – the patch

Tool to repair large defects in an unusual shape called "patch" in the English version of the program corresponds to the button Patch tool. To activate this tool, you can also pressing the letter J on the keyboard.

The principle of operation of patch to combine the functions of tools "lasso" and "stamp". Circle the area of the defect, closing the selection. Drag the selected area to a place with a similar color and texture. Moving the selection marquee, you will see that the defect begins to disappear, to be erased. When the result will fully satisfy your requirements, simply click the left mouse button to lock the correction.

The convenience of this method is that the program itself will smooth the edges and match the color and texture of corrected area under the surrounding background. You do not need to apply blur to hide the transition between areas.

Thanks to this, the picture will look more natural. This way you can remove a photo, not only acne, but also scars, erase the tattoo and hide the inflammation.

The third way – point correction

With the removal of quite small defects of the skin easy to handle the tool "spot healing brush" in the English version it's called the Healing Brush Tool. It's also called "the patch" or "beautician".

To work healing brush is very simple. Select the brush size by 20% more than a skin blemish. Click the active tool on the pimple. All. The rest of the program will automatically adjust the color and texture of the area under the parameters of the background around the defect.