Consult your doctor at the first sign of thrush. Remove the film from the mucosa of the baby's mouth with a cotton swab dipped 2% soda solution (1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of boiled water). Procedure is carried out several times a day. Try not to use green paint, better buy in a drugstore special anti-fungal solution or cream for the treatment of oral cavity of babies. Can buy nystatin powder and dilute it according to instructions.
Lubricate the nipples before feeding the prepared solutions and after a meal - the children's mouth. Examine the inguinal folds baby, the skin in these places is often red, its upper layer - the epidermis may flake off and the exposed areas appear white liquid. All this is accompanied by itching, causing the child becomes restless. In such cases, will not help the use of powders, oils and creams. Treat the skin antifungal ointment with nystatin or levorina.
Ensure that the baby is not sick with intestinal infections. Some of them recommended antibiotics, which increase the yeast infection and facilitate the transition to internal organs.
Spend a little more time in the fresh air, start each day with a massage and gymnastics, engage hardening. Thrush is more common in immunocompromised children. The immune system such crumbs we have to strengthen all the ways that candidiasis is not rooted in the body, causing fungal pneumonia (pneumonia) or blood poisoning (sepsis).
Use gauze diapers (be sure to boil them) until you cure the baby. These diapers need to be changed as often as possible, only then the mushrooms under them will not be able to reproduce.
Process, if you are using nipples, pacifiers by boiling. Sterile items should be five or six pieces, store them in a closed container (jar), changing as needed.
Consult your doctor: perhaps you should buy a product based on fluconazole that approved for use from six months of age. Before making any manipulation on the treatment of the affected mucosa of the child, wash your hands thoroughly.