You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - gas key;
  • - FUM tape;
  • - gas key;
  • - electric drill;
  • plastic chopiki;
  • - screws 100-150 mm.
Install boiler indirect heating to the wall in the same room where the Central heating boiler. Ideally, a boiler can be two feet from the boiler.
Most of all boilers in this category have five outputs for different connections. Starting from the bottom, plug in the boiler indirect heating pipe with the cold water pre-installing check valve.
To the second hole, connect the supply to the heating system, and the third is his return. By the fourth hole, connect the channel of recirculation of hot water, which set the circulating pump of low power. This will allow even to the most distant points of demand to receive hot water from the tap immediately after their discovery.
To the fifth, the top hole, connect the channel of hot water. Be sure to install a hot water accumulator (its volume is calculated according to the volume of the boilerand indirect heating) and a security group.
Temperature sensor the boilerand connect with a circular pump, the feed from the boiler coolant. Produce earthing the boilerand indirect heating, to avoid short circuits.