You will need
  • Board;
  • — 3-pin;
  • — drill;
  • epoxy glue and liquid nails;
  • — putty;
  • — paint;
  • roulette;
  • list MDF;
  • pencil; a jigsaw;
  • — sandpaper;
  • — screws;
  • — screwdriver;
  • — metal feet.
To build up the sill, take a Board thickness and a length equal to the size of the sill. If a suitable size is not available, purchase a sheet of MDF and sawed his jigsaw so that it freely rests on an old window sill, and stuck out into the room to the desired width. Seal the ends of the edge ribbon, heat it using a hair dryer or iron (if this is not possible, simply glue it with glue "liquid nails").
Connect a pin of length 100 mm Board with a window sill. Drill symmetrical holes in the Board and in the windowsill, hammer the pins into the Board, then with it in the windowsill. Brush the surface with epoxy glue, it will strengthen the mount.
Zashpaklyuyte the gap between the Board and window sill in all length. After a few days, paint the window sill. Hang the cornice using a sliding fastening of the curtains clung to the extended sill.
To make the window sill a table, specify the thickness, which can increase the sill. It is necessary for the free opening of the sash window. Decide on the size of the countertop, it can be parallel to the window or curved. Sitting behind her should be easy.
Draw the template on a sheet of MDF, saw her trying it on, grind the end of the edging ribbon.
Mark where the holes are for the circulation of heat from the batteries (if not circulating, the Windows would fog up and covered with icing). Drill a smooth hole for circulating hot air from the battery across the width of the table. Abrade them with sandpaper to eliminate burrs.
Buy or make from a bar or tube feet, the length should match the height of the sill. If possible, buy adjustable feet, so it was easy to adjust their height. Use, depending on the size of the tabletop, one or two located on the center leg. Screw the legs to the table top.
Secure with liquid nails the countertop on the windowsill. In order that the table could be folded, attach the countertop to the window sill with two or three hinges.