Surely you know the characteristics of their appearance and their hair type. In accordance with these features, select the appropriate hairstyle. For example, if you have a slim figure and short stature, you should not choose too bulky and heavy hairstyles.
For different face shapes certain hairstyles can correct the oval of the face and make you more attractive. Round face good hairstyles medium length, visually narrowing the face; square face fit asymmetrical haircut combed forward. If the shape of the face too lengthened, you will not do straight long hair. Do in this case, Quinceanera hairstyles with curls and styling.
In order to be able to experiment with your own hair, do not forget to properly care for them. Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and use conditioners and nourishing masks. To achieve volume immediately after shampooing, apply to damp hair a little mousse or foam for packing.
Gently dry the hair, putting them round brush in the direction you want. The resulting styling spray lacquer. Also the varnish can be applied by tilting the head forward, and then lift hair at the roots with your fingers and hold in this position. Don't forget after any laying in the evening to wash your hair with a nourishing balm.
There are many different hairstyles which are very easy. For example, if you want to have an easy effortless curls, apply to wet, washed hair a light holding gel or mousse and roll the hair on large rollers. After the curlers are removed, smooth out the hair strands with your fingers, walkmate them and apply varnish.
To make a hair style, suitable for business events or severe working environment, tie carefully washed and combed hair in a ponytail, threading the elastic hair a few times. Not dotyagivaya strand to the end and leave a small loop. Fix the loop and strands of hair from the tail around the elastic with Bobby pins.
Elegant and strict can look carefully knotted on the side or on top ponytail, braid or plain, but elegant bun at the nape.