Carefully inspect the shoes. The seams should be smooth, there should be traces of glue, loose threads and other defects. Bend the sole – it should be elastic.
When buying shoes for active sports give preference to models with uppers of natural leather and fabric lining. Then your feet will breathe and you will not RUB blisters.
Let's see whether the insole is a special bulge. It is necessary for the maintenance of the foot. If you are going to run, you need shoes with air cushion, located under the heel. When you purchase the explore box, which is the shoes - it must be specified what kind of sport is this model.
Before fitting wear thick socks made of cotton. In sports, the foot is slightly increased, therefore it is better to take a pair one size larger than you wear. The toes should not be constrained. It is better to measure sports shoes in the evening, when feet are slightly swollen. Be sure to get up and take a few steps.
Take that shoes, which are comfortable to you. Do not buy expensive shoes just because they released a well-known manufacturer. The shoes on average prices may not be less reliable. But also a very cheap model not worth taking – most likely, they are made of cheap and not too qualitative materials. Choose shoesthat immediately sits comfortably on the leg.
If you are unable to find suitable shoes or sneakers, consult a podiatrist. Maybe your foot has some deviations from the norm. The doctor will give proper advice and perhaps recommend a suitable model.