You will need
  • - Passepartout;
  • - canvas or other solid fabric;
  • - subframes or stands;
  • - color braid;
  • - dressmaker pins;
  • - plastic clips;
  • - PVA glue.
Any work of art looks better if you put it in a frame. It may be passe-partout. The glass in this case is not necessary. Can do it yourself or teach children. The ability to arrange the work will be useful to them again and again. Each job will need 2 sheets of cardboard the same size, a little more of the picture. Since the scope will have to be attached to tissue, ribbon or tape, cardboard should not be very thick. Conventional packaging is quite plain in appearance, so it make the base. Frame cut out of colored. The outer side must coincide with the sides of the base. The inner perimeter of the frame make a little less than a perimeter of the work. Stick figure on a base on top of stick frame. The upper part can be made from self-adhesive film.
Sign of work. You can make cards on the computer, writing on each the name and age of the artist, and the name and material of the work — exactly as is done in museums. Card to glue to the frame or attach it to the canvas.
Make several square or rectangular panels. Can fasten together 4 strips in the form of a "box" and covered them with canvas or other solid fabric. The canvas in this case no need to glue or to ground.
Place on the stands of the drawings in the frames and attach them to the tailor's needles. Name and the participants write on a separate sheet. The title should be clear to both adults and children, and easy to read. Do not abuse the curly colored letters. It is better to choose a readable font.
Exhibition stands are convenient, but quite traditional. You can think of something more fun, especially if you make home a small exhibition. Stands can be not only rectangular, but round. Buy some hoops and obtyanite their fabric. The most suitable materials of light tones: cream, pink, beige. Stands can be in the form of apples, berries, colored balls, etc. Because they are light, you can hang them on self-adhesive colored hooks.
Children's works can be hung on ribbon or on the ribbon. Beat in the plinth a few nails at an equal distance from each other. To the top of the wall, attach the bar, which is also hammered in nails at the same distance from each other. While it is not necessary that the nails were strictly opposite each other. Tape can hang and angle. The main thing that they were parallel. Pull the tape between the nails, and colored paper clips attach.