You will need
  • For steaming bran:
  • - 400 grams of bran;
  • - liter of water.
  • For bronchitis:
  • - 400 grams of bran;
  • - 1,5 l of water.
  • For recuperation after diseases:
  • - 1 tablespoon with the top of the bran;
  • - 2 cups of water;
  • - tablespoon of honey.
  • For tortillas of bran:
  • - bran;
  • - flour;
  • - herbs to taste.
Steaming otrubanie 400 g of bran in a deep bowl and pour a liter of boiling water. It should cover bran. Cover and leave to swell. Minutes through twenty or thirty the water to gently drain out. The resulting slurry add in different dishes: salads, side dishes, soups. Or eat with water.
For the treatment bronchiectasia 400 g of bran, 1.5 liters of boiling water and cover with a lid, infuse for thirty minutes. Then strain through a sieve or gauze filter. With the disease of bronchitis, eat only steamed bran, but the strained infusion. Drink it during the day instead of coffee and tea.
For recuperation after zabolevaniya heaping tablespoon of bran in two cups of water. Put on a slow fire and simmer for thirty to forty minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, cool, add a spoon of honey and mix well. Eat warm or cold 50 g three to four times a day.
Pre-steamed bran is recommended to take on the scheme: one teaspoon for the first two weeks. Then increase the dosage and take bran , three times a day a tablespoon. After the normalization of the bowel, should be some time to continue the course of treatment, reducing the dose to two teaspoons a day. In therapeutic and prophylactic purposes to use bran in a different way: one teaspoon three times a day. After seven to ten days, increase the dose to two teaspoons. After seven to ten days bring the intake of bran to two tablespoons. Take them to the full restoration of the bowel, gradually adding one teaspoon a day. But remember – bran should not exceed seven or eight tablespoons a day.
Pellet of Orobanche in a container of bran and pour boiling water so water them well coated. Leave bran to go and soak till morning. Then very carefully drain the excess water if they will add to the bran a quantity of flour to knead the dough. Form the dough pellet-type small cutlets. Grease a baking sheet with vegetable oil, put it on bread from bran and place in a preheated 180 degree oven. After ten minutes flip the tortillas to the other side and continue to bake them until tender. In the scones when mixing the dough, you can add various herbs. There they are recommended to people suffering from various intestinal disorders.