You will need
  • BlueTooth adapter;
  • - PC Suite.
If you want to use mobile phone as a modem, purchase a BlueTooth adapter for your computer. Some laptops have built-in adapters. In this case, you do not require any additional hardware. Install the program that allows you to sync your mobile phone with the laptop.
Use the utility designed to work with the phone brand. If you are using a mobile device companies Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson, then install the PC Suite of the required company.
Connect the BlueTooth adapter to a USB port and install the proper drivers. This is necessary to ensure proper operation of the wireless device. Configure Internet access on a mobile phone. Make sure that you're using GPRS or 3G.
Activate the BlueTooth adapter mobile phone. Start PC Suite and click "Search". After determining the mobile phone click "Connect to phone". Wait until a connection is established with the device.
Select "Internet Connection" and configure the operation mode of the mobile device. Specify the settings recommended by your ISP to gain access to the network.
After completing settings, click "Apply" to return to the main menu. Now click "Connection" in "Internet". Wait for the installation to complete the connection with the server. Open a browser and check the activity of your Internet connection. Remember that the speed of access through the GPRS channel is quite low. Use added a program that allows to save traffic and speed up the process of loading the web pages.