To your skin the recovery period is extremely important update - "damaged" layer must be replaced by new and healthy. Therefore, exfoliation is an essential process that you should carry out regularly, several times a week. The better exfoliate the skin? The scrub with natural particles and extracts the best solution. Herb extracts and chamomile disinfect the skin, perfectly calm it and heal small wounds. As the granules in the composition may contain ground pits of apricots or walnuts. The scrub should be soft and not irritate the skin.
You can prepare yourself scrub like oatmeal. Take a couple tablespoons of rolled oats and lightly chop them in a blender. Then spread them in a decoction of chamomile or green tea, apply to face and massage well for a few minutes. Green tea is an excellent antiseptic and regenerative.
Mask of clay also are excellent on the skin's ability to regenerate. You should pay your attention to the green and black clays, which contain a huge number of substances responsible for skin restoration. In order to enhance wound healing and smoothing effect of such masks, add a few drops of tea tree oil. It is a strong antiseptic substance.
Salicylic acid is a wonderful component of many cosmetic products that helps the skin to flake and updated. Therefore, look for a salicylic acid gel cleanser, exfoliating tonics and tools - they will save your skin from damaged and dead particles.
Hydration is an essential step in the recovery process of the skin. Choose light gels with natural extracts and oil free, they will also help the skin to renew and lining.