If the acne on your skin left any traces, and especially pits and scars, then you must by all means contribute to the regeneration process. The damaged area should eventually be updated and become healthy. Procedure which allows to restore the upper layers of the skin, is exfoliation. Swipe it a few times a week. It is best suitable for this purpose scrubs, which include natural extracts and particles. Through herbal extracts disinfect skin, leaving irritation, minor wounds heal faster. Crushed apricot pits are used as granules. Choose a gentle scrub that will not irritate the skin.
An excellent means of contributing to the resorption of scars and pits after acne, is considered to be a clay mask. Individual attention on a black and green clays. In them it is possible to detect the contents of different substances, responsible for the rapid recovery of the skin. To prepare the mask, take about half tablespoon of green clay. Then add a small amount of water. Mix thoroughly. You should obtain a creamy paste. In order to smoothing and healing effect was accelerated, add in the mask a few drops of essential oil or tea tree oil. They have excellent antiseptic effect. About 10 minutes to apply the resulting substance on the problem areas. After that, rinse with cool water.
Buy means to care for the skin, containing salicylic acid. It helps the old skin to peel, thereby contributes to the renewal of the upper layers.
A very important step in the recovery process of the skin after acne is moisturizing. Choose a cleanser a light gel oil free, but with natural extracts. Thanks to them, the skin will quickly be updated and aligned.