In order that the skin looked healthy and smooth, she just needs updating. And nothing promotes it more than the high-quality exfoliation - so use gentle and natural scrub at least twice a week, it will help the dead cells are easily removed from the skin, improving its breathing and activating the update is a new layer.
If the traces of pimples are not a very long time and you are ready to go to the beautician, from in-salon treatment you can help the peeling with fruit acids and ultrasonic cleaning. Both methods does not injure the skin, gently removes unwanted particles and improve the nutrition and respiration of your skin, which promotes rapid formation of new healthy layers. Also these methods are suitable for girls and boys, even very young age.
At home you can experiment with different masks, which contain a large number of rejuvenating and wound-healing component - for example, the most famous and versatile method for acne is clay: white, green, grey... Clay can be used both independently as it takes away redness and smooths the skin, or in combination with other useful components. For example, if your skin there is a residual inflammatory process, then you have to add in warm mass of clay a few drops of tea tree oil that disinfects and heals wounds.
Masks from juice or pulp of cucumber is also a great solution to the problem! Take a cucumber of medium size, well peel it and grate. Apply on face for about 15 minutes and then remove and rinse with cold water. If previously you held the exfoliation, you can not put on the face no more makeup - your skin perfectly hydrated (this is very important when dealing with traces from acne), refined and velvety.
Parsley ordinary can become an excellent assistant in the fight against acne marks. Brew it with boiling water, let stand for about an hour and wash with warm infusion several times a day, skin will become smooth and bright hue, the red and blue spots disappear.