Important in self-care at home – regularity and a clear plan. For the first time and print it on a sheet of paper and hang it in the bathroom. Areas in need of care, not so much. The face and neck, body, arms, legs and hair. Spread these areas in the days of the week, think about what procedures you want to do, to stay within 20-30 minutes, and the plan is ready. For example, it might look like the following.

Monday. Body. To include shower, enjoy and relax for 2-3 minutes, then apply the body scrub carefully skrause. After the scrub is washed away, you can handle the problem areas (usually belly, thighs and buttocks) special hard sponge or mitten. Pour cool water, dry off, apply skin lotion or balm for the body (or it can be a nourishing oil or cream).

Tuesday. The face and neck. Remove makeup using milk or cream, then deep cleansing (scrub or peeling), apply nourishing or moisturizing mask on the face, neck, overlay patch mask around the eyes, after 10 minutes the mask rinse. After the masks you can wipe the face tonic, apply your favorite cream on the face and around the eyes, it is better not to smear the cream on the skin, and to drive his finger tips, it will be a kind of massage for the face. In the end you can apply a nourishing oil for eyelashes and a balm on the lips.

Environment. Hair. My head, for 15 minutes, apply a nourishing mask (choose any depending on the type of hair), after the mask is washed off, apply it on hair conditioner or conditioner. Enough for today.

Thursday. Hands. On 7 minutes, dip hands in warm water with sea salt, the way you get rid of cuticle (move, cut or dissolve), shape the nails with a nail oil or a specialized aevitum. Design and application of nail Polish on request. Grease hands nourishing or moisturizing cream.

Friday. Feet. For a start, a foot bath for 10-12 minutes, then sponge with soap rubs feet, toes, nails, three pumice. Apply a nourishing cream. Handle nails, cut, rasp, if you want to apply nail Polish.

Saturday and Sunday – weekend. You can do nothing, you can start the cycle all over again, and you can dedicate one day to his beloved as a whole – to take a bath with fluffy foam at home or meet in a sauna with friends.