You will need
  • - extension cable.
Purchase in stores radio additional HDMIcable of the correct length. This is the best option available, because the quality of data transmitted will not be affected due to the increase in the length of the cord, which is especially important when watching movies in high resolution. A huge minus – the high price of HDMI cables.
If you wish to extend the HDMIcable, first of all, think about how this is reasonable – the price of additional cable cut will cost about the same amount as buying a new one. Also to extend the use of special adapters, available in sales outlets of radio, they are similar in appearance to a small flash card.
If you want to extend HDMIcable up to lengths of over 100 meters, use special signal amplifiers, because the image quality can suffer greatly. Plug one end of the cable into the playback device, the other – in a special adapter.
Secure the position of the cable so that in the future to avoid the shutdown. Best of all, use the special brackets that are sold in hardware stores. Insert the other end into the other adapter if needed. Then connect the cable to the TV.
In the case of using the amplifier, please note that it also performs the role of an adapter, an additional adapter so you do not need. Connect the amplifier to the power source. In some cases, HDMI cables shorter than 100 meters also cannot capture the signal, you will also have to resort to the installation of the amplifier.
Place the wire on the perimeter of the room so that in the future not to damage them during use. Do not place heavy objects or furniture, you should prevent bare areas of the wire.