Please contact the branch of "Sberbank of Russia" and ask the Manager of the form. This document is also available for download on the website of the Bank Select the region you live in, then go to "individuals" and click the link "Credits". Select the credit and click "Required documents". Then on the link download application form.
Specify in the first paragraph of the questionnaire the amount of the loan requested and the purpose, type and term of the loan. Then tick repayment method: annuity or differentiated payments. In the first case the monthly contributions are calculated in equal parts, and the second depends on the interest while repaying the loan remains unchanged. Check the security of the credit and the available initial capital.
You enter the information about the borrower and the guarantor. Surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, passport details, marital status, place of residence and registration place of work. Enter several contact phone numbers that includes your room, the room of the surety and accounting of the employer.
Fill in the data on average monthly income for the last six months. Fill in all required information in a special table, specifying not only their wages but also pensions, dividends, bonuses and fees, rental income and other income of the potential borrower and the guarantor.
Mark the expenses incurred by the borrower for the last six months. These include: income tax, voluntary insurance, pension Fund contributions, credits, deductions, child support and other costs.
Shall describe the information about the existing loans: the Bank, date of issue, size, the purpose of credit and the remainder. If you are planning to purchase credit-financed property, describe its characteristics and cost. After that, put the signature and date of completion and send a document to the Department of "Sberbank of Russia".