Start looking for the fault with the ignition system. Check the spark plugs and their connectors. If there are traces of coronary overheating (light brown strips along the insulator) will replace them. In the presence of carbon deposits will clean or replace. Check the ignition coil – when a breakdown inside the coil possible internal breakdown of the high voltage winding. Check high-voltage wires: one of them may have too high resistance or may have an internal open. Rarely a cause of failure in the set rpm may be falling manifold retaining the high-voltage transistor switch.If the ignition system is in order, look for defect in the power supply system. One of the most curious cases is the forgotten rag in the gas tank, which when there is vacuum in the tank clogs the receiving grid pump. The same effect gives too frequent use of wash funds for fuel injected motors. Loose dirt is collected in fairly large chunks and act the same as cloth.Check the functionality of the unit of ballast resistors. It looks like a finned box located on the wing or under the windshield in Matousec.If the engine refuses to gain momentum and the color of the exhaust gas is changed to black, and the insulator of the spark plugs covered with black carbon, see non-return valve. Either he failed, or wedged. Be sure when you correct the cause (valve replacement) check the throughput of the catalytic Converter.If when you Unscrew the nozzle visible to the naked eye that the gasoline injector is pouring "cats and dogs", so the reason of failure of the onboard computer. It's extremely rare, and it is eliminated only by the replacement of this computer.Check the catalytic Converter. Often the cause of the malfunction is a clogged catalyst. To perform the test, remove one spark plug, start the engine and sharply pagesuite. If the engine suddenly quickly begins to gain momentum, then the reason is the catalyst.