Advice 1: How to change language interface Windows XP

If your version of the operating system Windows XP in an unknown language, that's not a reason to reinstall it. You can change the OS interface to the desired language. This is much faster than reinstalling the system. All you need is Internet access.
How to change language interface Windows XP
You will need
  • - Computer with Windows XP;
  • - language pack MUI.
The interface language cannot be changed by regular means of OS (except some versions of Windows 7). So you'll need to download a special MUI. The so-called language pack that you want to install as a Supplement.
To download this language pack is necessary for your operating system version, necessarily taking into account its width. Versions of language packs for 32 and 64-bit operating systems are not compatible. It is also desirable to consider the service pack on your Windows XP. Although there are language packages that support multiple versions of the service pack. If you want to download, for example, the Russian language interface to your operating system, it is the search engine of the Internet browser, you must enter "Download Russian MUI for Windows XP". At the end of the line, you can still add the bit width, e.g., 32-bit.
After the language pack you need is downloaded, you can proceed to the installation process. Run the executable file of the downloaded language pack (the file that has the extension Exe). This will start a menu from which you can begin the process of installing a new language. In this window, you can also read the introductory information and read the help.
If you have downloaded language pack for multiple versions of service pack operating systems, while in the main menu of the setup you need to select the service pack of your OS version. If the language pack only for your version of the service pack, you have to choose nothing. Just start the installation by clicking the left mouse button Install. The process is fully automated. After the computer restarts. After rebooting the PC operating system interface will be changed.

Advice 2 : How to translate from English to Russian Windows

To translate the interface of the original version of the operating systems Windows XP, Vista or 7 with English on the Russian language, you will need the MUI pack, which contains all the texts and language of symbols included in the operating system.
How to translate from English to Russian Windows
In each of the versions of Microsoft Windows, install language MUI packages looks about the same, some steps may be omitted or added options, but in General, the installation of Russian or any other language on top of English are identical on XP and 7. It should be noted that in Windows 7, this option is available only to users of Windows 7 Enterprise (Corporate) and Windows 7 Ultimate (Maximum). Download language packs on the official website of Microsoft Windows:

Russian language is proposed to install via the Internet using the Windows Update. Need in control panel, enable automatic updates and firewall (Firewall).
In editions of Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to Windows update. This can be done through start, Control Panel, or by entering Windows Update in the search applications.
Check out the updates to Microsoft via the Internet by clicking on Check online for updates from Microsoft Update and wait while Windows connects to the server and check the last file update. At this time, need a stable high speed Internet connection.
If updates are found, click Optional updates are available. The screen will display the list of language packs that you can install. Tick the desired ASCC ("Russian" or Russian), then press the OK button and then Install updates.
After downloading the language pack you want to apply and reboot the computer for the changes to take effect. If necessary, you will need to enter the administrator password if you are trying to install a new language from under the guest account.
Useful advice
In Windows XP you can also pre-download MUI pack, and then update the list of languages in language settings in control panel directly from the hard drive.
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