You will need
  • - pot;
  • - soil;
  • - drainage;
  • - a flower.
Select the correct pot for flower. Use plastic pots the right size for planting flowers, they are light and virtually unbreakable. Look at the bottom of the pot, if there are no holes, make them yourself using hot fire on the awl. Choose a pot with a diameter of 2-5 cm, the one in which you purchased the flower.
Lay on the bottom of the pot drainage (gravel, expanded clay granules or clay). Make sure that the thickness of the layer in a small pot was not more than 1-2 cm in great – 5-10 cm For 2 hours prior to transplant flower in a pot it well pour.
Prepare the soil. Buy ready mix, designed for a specific type of flowers that already contains minerals and fertilizers have a positive effect on plant growth. Due to this soil home flowers long they can go without feeding.
Pour on the gravel a little of the prepared soil in the center of the pot put a plant. Backfill of earth and lightly condense. Don't forget to water the flower. Can decorate it by placing on the edge of the pot small beautiful stones or colored drainage.
If you are planting home flowers on the balcony, take a box with a minimum width of 18 cm and the same depth. Put plants in the holes, slightly shifting each. If the area of the box you put the flowers in two rows, if they are narrow – in one row. Note: if the flowers have root, to plant them together with the clod of earth.
Remember, it is not enough just to plant home flowers, each kind of plant requires certain care. Ask how to care for planted flowers, you can purchase professional literature or visit floral sites on the Internet. If it needs a lot of moisture, spray from time to time from a spray bottle. Large leaves wipe with a damp sponge, if it contains the recommendations for this plant.