Advice 1: How to run vbs script

Vbs scripts are typically used to process the data, manage the system, work with computer accounts and users. They also help to interact with office applications to work with databases. In General, an essential area for any programmer.
How to run vbs script
Run the file with the extension *.vbs by double-clicking or calling it by name in the console. To do this go to start menu/run and type the path to the necessary file in the opened window. This is the most common text document that you can easily edit in Notepad. This method is the most intuitive and simple, but sometimes due to certain circumstances he is not working (system does not support the format, flew encoding, etc.).
If a file with the extension *.vbs doesn't open, check availability of interpreters VBS. Them should be two: the console window WScript and CScript (together they are Windows Script Host or WSH). They, on idea, should immediately be installed together with the system, but it sometimes turns out that they are either damaged, or not installed (can be on old versions of systems). If interpreters are not available, install them to your computer and run the script by double-clicking.
Create an ordinary text file with a. txt extension. Copy this text:Sub Run(ByVal sFile)Dim shellSet shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")shell.Run Chr(34) & sFile & Chr(34), 1, falseSet shell = NothingEnd SubRun "C:/Program Files/FileZilla FTP Client/filezilla.exe"of Course, replace the path to its executable. Then rename the previously created. txt file to vbs extension. To check double click it with the mouse, and the specified path will execute the program.
In order to access a method of the Windows Script Host, specify the object and method with the necessary parameters (through the point). The properties of the WSH point also, but it is possible to assign and to read variables and other properties. Always consider the data type properties and variables, otherwise the script will give an error about incompatible data types.

Advice 2: How to run a script

Today to find on the web page that does not use any script, not easier than a University student without a mobile phone. And as the mobile phone does not work without appropriate infrastructure, and as a webscript, you need some force animating them. What is required to run the scriptas?
How to run a script
First decide the place where it should happen to run the script.
The execution script contained in the scripte must engage in the "language processor" (or "interpreter") is a program that sequentially reads lines of the script and performs the prescribed action. Such a program may be part of the server software, or part of the software code of the browser depending on the script which language to execute. The PHP script is executed on the server, so to run a scriptand needed a running web server. A JavaScript script is executed in the browser, so to run the scripts in this language browser on our computer.
Now more about the scriptAh, executable by the server.
To install a web server and on your computer. He will not even need Internet connection - so the server is called "local". It is very convenient for writing and debugging scriptfor server-side languages (php, perl, etc.). Online you can find distributions (for installation) both paid and free servers for personal use - e.g., Zend, Denver, XAMPP, AppServ, etc. But if constant Internet access is not a problem, it is possible to do without the local server, and use the full web server, any hosting provider. Usually this service is paid, but not very expensive. But you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of additional modules, plugins, handlers, statistics and other Goodies not caring at all about their setup and maintenance.
And finally, the script running on the browser.
Regarding the client scripts, then we can write and run the simplest of them right now without buying anything, without installing or running. Do: first, open any text editor, such as Notepad. Write only 3 lines of code:<script type="text/javascript">
alert("JavaScript is running!")
</script>Now save this code in a file with the html extension (for example, js-test.html) and run as usual - double click. To expand the html (HyperText Markup Language "hypertext markup language"), the operating system recognizes the file type and runs are scheduled to run such files, the program is a browser. And the interpreter in the browser will read and execute the script. The result will look like the image.
Run <strong>script</strong>a, executable in the browser
As you can see there is nothing particularly difficult, just a sequence of system commands, which you can easily dial in a command line system shell or in the terminal. The advantage of scripting is that you don't have to type the necessary sequence of commands manually, just run the script.

Advice 3: How to write a script vbs

The automation capabilities of Windows are supported at the operating system level. They provide a feature of Windows Script Host is able to execute scripts in various programming languages. Originally supplied OS includes interpreters are JScript and VBScript. The last one is mainly used to create vbs scripts to solve administrative tasks and user management.
How to write a script vbs
You will need
  • - text editor.
Explore the features and capabilities of the runtime environment under which management must function in the generated script. So, if the script is suitable for embedding in a web page, it will intensively interact with the browser object model and the current document (BOM and DOM). The scripts developed for the execution of the Windows Script Host (for example, to automate administration tasks) will interact with its object model through which you can easily create and use other ActiveX and COM objects.
Develop algorithms that will be used when creating the main functionality of the script. Apply knowledge of the opportunities provided by the runtime environment. Identify the parts of algorithms that can be implemented in the form of procedures, functions, methods, classes. Identify data that can be encapsulated in classes.
Implement the procurement of the future script. In a text editor, create a file. Add the "stub" functions and procedures, as well as the Declaration of classes that contain their methods. In VBScript a procedure is declared using the Sub keyword followed by an identifier specifying the name. A sign of the end of the procedure body is offer End Sub. For example:

Sub MyProcedure(a, b)
End Sub

Similarly, by using the Function keyword to declare functions:

Function MyFunction(a)
End Function

Classes are declared using the Class keyword:

Class MyClass
End Class
Declare global / local variables and class members. This is done using the Dim:

Dim MyVariable

Pointing after the variable name, dimensionality, it is possible to declare arrays:

Dim MyArray(10) ' array of ten elements;
Dim MyArray(10, 15) ' two-dimensional array;
Dim MyArray() ' dynamic array.
Implement data processing algorithms by adding code to the functions, procedures and methods classes. Use offers Do - Loop, While - Wend, For - Each - Next, For - To - Step - Next for loops. Use If - Then - ElseIf - Else - End If as the operator of branching and the structure of the Select Case - End Select in as the operator of multialternative choice.
Add comments in their code. They need to follow after the single quotation mark character or the key word Rem. For example:

'the text of the comment
Rem the text of the comment
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