You will need
  • - input data;
  • calculator.
Before proceeding to the calculation of the required volume of concrete, determine the type of Foundation (it can be bar, slab and strip), as well as its configuration. The choice of type of Foundation and its configuration is due to bearing capacity of soil on which is planned construction of the facility.
To calculate tile Foundation, you need to know the plate thickness and surface area, and the presence of such additions as ribs, and, of course, their size. The minimum thickness of the tile base is 10 centimeters. Simmered that the area of the erected structure is 36 m2 (6x6), then, for pouring a slab Foundation with a minimum thickness will need 36 m2 x 0.1 m = 3.6 m3.
By analogy with the previous steps, you need to calculate the volume of concrete, if the thickness of the fill layer will be, say, 20 cm or 30 cm, This figure only takes into account the shading smooth plates, however, in order for the Foundation were characterized by a greater rigidity, it is necessary to make ribs that will attach to the plate resistance to deformation.
To calculate the amount of concrete at the stiffener need to know the length of this subassembly, and the cross-sectional area of ribs. For example, if the ribs will be made every three meters, the Foundation erected structure (6x6) will be six, i.e., three ribs and three along the ribs across. The length of each rib is equal to 6 meters and the total length will be 36 m (6 m x 6). The thickness of the edges corresponds to 0.8-1 to the height of the Foundation. Thus, the cross sectional area of the ribs when the plate thickness of 10 cm will be 0,008 m2 (0.1 m x 0.08 m). The pouring the ribs go in 0.288 m3 (m2 0,008 x 36 m). Add to the volume of concreterequired for pouring a slab Foundation, and the amount that will be required for stiffeners: the resulting value is the ultimate measure of the flow of concrete.
To calculate pier Foundation, it is necessary to know the number of the columns and their height and diameter. Find the area of the cross section of the column according to the formula S = 3.14 x R2 where R is the radius. Then find the volume of concreteneeded to fill a single column: multiply the cross-sectional area at the height of the column. Then, determine the total consumption of concrete for the construction of pier Foundation by multiplying the volume of concrete in one column the number of columns.
For the calculation of the strip Foundation need to know the tape width, depth and total length. Usually the width of the belt varies from 20 to 40 inches, and its height is 40-50 cm. The total length of the strip Foundation is defined as the perimeter of the outer walls, which added to the length of the tape located under the inner walls. Multiply indices: the result is the required volume of concrete to fill the strip Foundation.