You will need
  • - statement of claim;
  • - the package of documents required for consideration of your application.
To deprive the former husband's paternity, please contact the arbitration court with the statement. Attach documentary evidence that the father is unworthy to participate in the upbringing and maintenance of their child. As evidence, you can use a certificate of debt or nonpayment of alimony, help from drug or mental health clinic that his father is chronically sick, drug addict, alcoholic or has mental illness, in this regard negatively affects the child when you visit and meetings.
You can also use the testimony of witnesses, the Protocol of the precinct inspector and other available methods. The former husband you must present all the documents proving his way of life. You will need the certificate of inspection of living quarters, proof of income form 2-NDFL, characteristics of employment and residence. If you cannot collect these documents, the court will make inquiries to the authorities and will receive all the necessary information to review your claim.
Additionally attach to the application a certificate of inspection of your living space members on the housing Commission and bodies of guardianship and guardianship, a certificate of income form 2-NDFL, characteristic yourself from the place of work and residence, the birth certificate of the child and its copy, reference from drug abuse dispensary, issued in your name. Also attach a divorce certificate and a photocopy.
A direct deprivation of rights is made on the basis of a court order. If the court finds a package of evidence not enough for deprivation of paternity, you may decide on the restriction of communication with the child, for example, meetings can take place under your control in certain court days.