First, decide exactly how you want to organize your onlinestoreand. It can be customized with "invisible" profit or service organization group purchasing with a fixed interest rate as a mediator. The first model is convenient because provides you profit in the presence of at least one client, the second method is more transparent, so is more trusted by the consumer.
Identify suppliers with whom you cooperate. It can be as domestic online shopping children's clothingand foreign. The best option is to use a foreign supplier. Search for shopping sites where the concentration thereof is large, for example, This website is the largest trading platform China, delivery takes very little time and is relatively inexpensive, and a huge range of products. This online store is perfect for group purchases, so be sure to take him a note.
Your primary target audience — mothers and potential mothers. The consumer sector holds the most time on social networks, so the best option will be to create a group dedicated to your business. Invite users, focusing on the age of 20-25 and marital status "married". Use contextual advertising on the social network to maximize the number of potential customers. In addition, enter discount for invited clients and accumulative discounts for regular customers. Start a campaign, periodically expose the photo of the product, available and sold at discount prices. Remember that the main challenge after attracting a customer is a retention and transfer from disposable to permanent.