Formats .jpg and .bmp indicate that the file contains a graphic (drawing, photo, text as images). The data formats supported by almost any graphics editor, even as simple as Paint of the standard Windows package.
To convert .jpg to .bmp, you can use several methods. Launch graphic editor (Paint,, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and so on). Open the file in format .jpg. In the top menu bar select "File" and "Save as". In the opened window save in the "file Type" click the drop-down list format .bmp and click "Save". If needed, specify additional settings for the format .bmp (for example, the color depth in bits).
Another option may be suitable to work in Adobe Photoshop: if you edited .jpg-file and created additional layers, these layers can be saved simultaneously in the format .bmp. To do this, select the menu "File" the command "Scripts" sub-menu – "Export layers to files". In the opened window, select in the "file Type" drop down list format .bmp and click Run.
If you don't want to run a graphical editor, install it on your computer from the disc or from the Internet app Converter. Converters allow you to convert files from one format to another in just a few seconds. Before installing the Converter, verify that it supports your desired file type.
The application interface is arranged differently. In one case, you have to run the Converter, put in the right box file .jpg, to specify that the destination file format should be .bmp, and click the button that triggers the conversion. Then to extract the converted file in the second field.
In another case (for example, when working with the application Right Click Image Converter) you just need to click on the file format .bmp right-click and select from the dropdown menu Right Click Image Converter sub-menu click on the command Convert to .BMP with the left mouse button. The new file will be saved in the same directory with the same name but in a new format.