Advice 1: How to bleach the scar

Scars almost always stand out due to the elevation of the surface of the skin and changed colors – they can be red, pinkish, brownish tint. If the fresh scar regularly gets the sun, it will be visible and rough.
How to bleach the scar
You will need
  • - lemon juice;
  • - cucumber juice;
  • cosmetic clay, fresh-water sponge;
  • - nutmeg, med.
Wipe the surface with a modified skin with lemon juice – it contains bleaching substances to whiten the fabric. Squeeze some lemon juice on a cotton ball and RUB the scar, juice do not rinse. For each application use a fresh composition.
Cucumber juice has lightening properties, so you can use it as a compress. Grate the cucumber on a grater, squeeze the juice, soak them gauze and apply on scar.
Use products containing concoctions. It can be powder or gel, but use of the drug should only with clay. Mix the clay and the options in the ratio of 2:0.5, and dilute with water to a paste, put on the scar and leave to dry. Repeat these compresses should be a day during the week, alternating with potiranie scar salicylic acid. Blue clay can be used alone diluted with water to the desired consistency. This method is suitable for clarification of rough and old scars.
Use absorbable creams and gels – "Contractubex", "Mederma" and so forth. Long-term use of drugs to lighten skin, but their action is effective only if the fresh scars. You can apply medications to the special patch and thereby increase the duration of the exposure of active substances.
Use cream for skin whitening – they should contain no hydroquinone, coeval acid, fruit acid. Dark marks will begin to disappear immediately, require daily treatment of scars within a few months.
Take a nutmeg poultice – mix ground nutmeg and honey (1:4), repeat through the day. To lighten scars take a long time – from six months to a year. If the composition is too acidic, and the skin is sensitive, it is recommended to alternate the application of nutmeg and packs with honey and milk (every other day).
Some cosmetic procedures, such as laser resurfacing of the skin, helping to smooth out the surface of the scar and removed the sharp pigmentation – after the course of treatments, the scar will become lighter, almost invisible. The procedure is a superficial peel with fruit acids makes imperceptible the difference between healthy skin and tissue changes of scar, and chemical peels quickly whiten the scar.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of scars on face

Many women and men suffer from acne. Most often it happens in adolescence. The mess if this problem have managed to solve, often occurs, and the other on the site of the pimples and blackheads are formed ugly reddish welts, which to get pretty hard.
First of all, start to observe the right diet
First of all start to follow the correct diet. Best of all, if you recommend her doctor. Keep in mind that too sudden change in diet can cause the appearance of new acne and pimples, so be consistent and careful.
Start to properly care for the skin. Consult your doctor, let him prescribe drugs (as for use internally and locally), special cosmetic products. Skin care you can make in salons. Most often they use products that contain acid, which causes exfoliating and whitening effect. As a rule, the treatment lasts for at least three months.
Try out some beauty treatments, aimed at removing scars. The most common treatments are peelings. Peelings are very different. The degree of impact they are divided into superficial, middle and deep. The latter even prohibited on the territory of our country (for example, using phenol), since this pill is used the half lethal dose of the substance.
There are chemical peels, which are applied to the skin of preparations containing acid, and then those that counteract it. At the end of this procedure, the superimposed face mask.
There is also a massage with the use of liquid nitrogen. This procedure is also called cryo. In this procedure, use a cotton swab to problem areas apply liquid nitrogen or sent a jet of very cold air.
The microdermabrasion is a skin polishing with the aid of powder of aluminum oxide. Also exfoliates the skin perfectly, but has no effect on newly formed acne and pimples.
There are also laser resurfacing of the skin by which the skin of lasers of different power. This procedure is performed under General anesthesia, when it is removed the top layer of skin, so it is in itself very painful, but very effective.
In addition to the professional treatments you can try to cope with the scars and folk remedies at home. Here are some tips:
Recipe 1.
Tablespoon of green clay mix with warm water until the consistency of porridge. Pour into this mixture a few drops of rosemary oil, mix thoroughly and apply on the scars and blemishes. After 15 minutes rinse face apply the cream.
Recipe 2.
A tablespoon of honey and mix with a teaspoon of cinnamon and apply to the entire face. This mask cleans the skin and accelerates the disappearance of scars.
Recipe 3.
Finely chop a bunch of parsley and pour 200 ml. boiling water, let stand for half an hour. Then cool the broth and fill the ice tray. Freeze and wipe your face every morning so the ice cube.
Remember that all procedures should be carried out not from time to time, and systematically.

Advice 3 : How to get rid of scars folk remedies

The scars left after operations or injuries, can be covered with clothing, but still frustrating to know that there are ugly scars. In the summer, when all the clothes are light and open, this is of particular inconvenience and embarrassment. If the scars remain on the face, there are complexes and feelings of inferiority. To resort to plastic surgery should be the last.
How to get rid of scars folk remedies
You will need
  • Scar, mummy, propolis, coffee, herbs
When the wound has completely healed, the scar becomes pink in color, it means it is fresh and easy to treat. If you do not seize the moment, for 2-3 months with proper care it will disappear without a trace. When scar zastrevaet and becomes pale in color, the treatment time may need about a year and a small footprint will still remain.
To start the skin to help to be updated in the site of the scar scrub homemade. Coffee grains should be grind in a coffee grinder, a teaspoon of coffee, pour a small amount of boiling water and let stand 20 minutes covered. Then add in coffee drop the mummy, stir to dissolve. This mixture, gently RUB the scar in a circular motion, but to prevent damage to the skin. Scrub you can briefly leave the site of the scar until it dries and it needs to be washed.
In the evening after cleaning the skin to apply on the scar compress from the infusion of herbs. Calendula, nettle and chamomile have antibacterial properties, protects the body from penetration of pathogenic bacteria and also relieve inflammation. To do this, mix all the herbs in equal parts, every morning, brew with boiling water tablespoon of the herbal tea. And as soon as we get a spare minute, you need to soak the cloth or gauze in decoction and apply to the scar on the maximum amount of time.
Propolis has many beneficial properties, on its basis it is possible to cook the ointment and use it to eliminate scars. Fresh propolis can be purchased from the beekeepers. 1 tablespoon of propolis in hot water bath to become more viscous, add 1 raw egg yolk home eggs, when the mass is slightly warm. If the temperature of the propolis, the yolk can cook and then the ointment will have to make again. Then thoroughly mix the components and use the ointment 2 times a day. It must be stored in the refrigerator.
How to get rid of <strong>scars</strong> folk <b>means</b>
Treatment of the scar also depends on what part of the body it is located. The face is more delicate and requires gentle care.
Useful advice
For more quickly get rid of the scar it is better to use simultaneously several methods of eliminating it.

Advice 4 : What cream helps from scars

There are several popular cosmetic and medical techniques to remove scars or reduce their appearance. The most effective deep peeling and fractional laser resurfacing. Surface, not too noticeable skin damage can be corrected by applying ointment of scars. Such tools are relatively inexpensive, available, easy to use at home.
What cream helps from scars

Scarring ointment "Contractubex"

Regenerating means "Contractubex" can affect all types of scars, namely:
- hypertrophic, deep enough that affected several layers of skin;
- atrophic, which replaced furunkuleze inflammation;
- keloids that have appeared in the deep burns, trauma, surgical incisions;
- stretching that occurred after pregnancy, and as a result of the gain or loss of weight.

In the ointment "Contractubex" there are active substances that are beneficial to the skin. Thus, the sodium heparin softens the rigidity of the scar tissue serves as a protective barrier to the development of connective tissue, has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. Allantoin dissolves dead tissue of the surface of the scar or scar, reduces healing time, improves blood circulation, increases the amount of water in the cells. Onion extract Serae reduces inflammation, dissolves blood clots, slows the development of the connective tissue cells.

"Contractubex" can be used only in the case when the wound was healed, and the injury formed a new skin. This ointment should be applied 2-3 times a day, lightly massaging the scar tissue. Should prepare for a long treatment: dense and old scars dissolve with difficulty, and therefore need to use the ointment for 3-6 months.

To improve the efficiency over the applied ointment, it is desirable to impose an occlusal bandage, the tightness of which will be a barrier to the penetration of air. If special medical dressings, it can be replaced with a clean plastic bag. To enhance the impact of the ointment often, ultrasound is used, however, this procedure is performed only in a clinical setting.

If the scars are on the elbows, feet, knees, they will help to get rid of warm baths with "Contractubex". 1 liter water 2 cm of ointment squeezed from the tube. Duration of this procedure is 10 minutes. Hold it also need daily.

Ointment scars "Clofibrate"

German reducing agent "Clofibrate successfully used to treat post-surgical scars and scars that have occurred as a result of skin diseases. The main component of this tool - urea, which is a natural humidity regulator. It has good effects on the rumen, making it more moisturized, soft and supple.

Heparin helps to improve blood circulation and smooth the skin, and D-camphor has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Advantages of ointment scars "Clofibrate":
- absence of contraindications;
- eliminating skin irregularities and small scars;
good absorbability;
- disappears tugging sensation at the site of the scar.

Ointment "Clofibrate" and successfully applied in the preventive purposes, for example, to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks in the process of dramatic weight loss or after pregnancy. Regular application of this tool makes the skin hydrated and more supple, thereby protecting it from breakage.

"Clofibrate" should be applied 3-4 times a day on the scar area, easily massaging the place until completely absorbed funds. Night compress with this ointment increase its moisturizing effect.

Ointment for scars Zeraderm Ultra

Silicone ointment Zeraderm Ultra is capable of correcting not only dense and old scars, but the most difficult thing in the treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars. Part of this means are isomers and oligomeric polysiloxane - substances that, when combined with oxygen to create a thin shell, having water-repellent properties.

In addition to the basic components, the composition of this ointment comes with vitamins, normalizes water balance and promotes the growth of healthy cells. Zinc oxide protects the damaged area of the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Advantages of funds from scar Zeraderm Ultra:
- easy application;
- easily breathable, allowing the skin to breathe;
- moisture proof;
- not absorbed;
- without stickiness;
- ability to use 24 hours a day.

Another advantage, important for women – applying ointments along with cosmetics. Often, this means choosing if the scar or the scar is in a conspicuous place on the face, neck or dcollet. Thin and invisible film can play the role of a makeup base, because it does not stand out against the surrounding skin.

Other means of scarring

In addition to these drugs that are used successfully in many countries, there are many other equally effective means. Thus, the transparent silicone plates Spenco fixed by a patch so that they completely cover the scar or the scar. For best results the plates need to be worn for several months.

Silicone gel "Dermatix" useful as for the treatment of old scars, and for prevention of new skin lesions. This tool allows you to get rid of keloid scars, and also reduces the amount of connective tissue.

Liquid cream Scarguard is applied with a brush and quickly dries, forming a protective film and providing scar tissue pressure. In such circumstances, healing is faster.

What you need to remember, buying a ointment for scars

Ointment, resolving scars, it is necessary to buy only in pharmacies. Purchasing medicines with it, instead of the expected positive result to serious health problems.

You also need to remember that any medicine may cause unexpected reactions of the organism, and therefore before using ointment you need to consult a dermatologist.
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