You will need
  • - lemon juice;
  • - cucumber juice;
  • cosmetic clay, fresh-water sponge;
  • - nutmeg, med.
Wipe the surface with a modified skin with lemon juice – it contains bleaching substances to whiten the fabric. Squeeze some lemon juice on a cotton ball and RUB the scar, juice do not rinse. For each application use a fresh composition.
Cucumber juice has lightening properties, so you can use it as a compress. Grate the cucumber on a grater, squeeze the juice, soak them gauze and apply on scar.
Use products containing concoctions. It can be powder or gel, but use of the drug should only with clay. Mix the clay and the options in the ratio of 2:0.5, and dilute with water to a paste, put on the scar and leave to dry. Repeat these compresses should be a day during the week, alternating with potiranie scar salicylic acid. Blue clay can be used alone diluted with water to the desired consistency. This method is suitable for clarification of rough and old scars.
Use absorbable creams and gels – "Contractubex", "Mederma" and so forth. Long-term use of drugs to lighten skin, but their action is effective only if the fresh scars. You can apply medications to the special patch and thereby increase the duration of the exposure of active substances.
Use cream for skin whitening – they should contain no hydroquinone, coeval acid, fruit acid. Dark marks will begin to disappear immediately, require daily treatment of scars within a few months.
Take a nutmeg poultice – mix ground nutmeg and honey (1:4), repeat through the day. To lighten scars take a long time – from six months to a year. If the composition is too acidic, and the skin is sensitive, it is recommended to alternate the application of nutmeg and packs with honey and milk (every other day).
Some cosmetic procedures, such as laser resurfacing of the skin, helping to smooth out the surface of the scar and removed the sharp pigmentation – after the course of treatments, the scar will become lighter, almost invisible. The procedure is a superficial peel with fruit acids makes imperceptible the difference between healthy skin and tissue changes of scar, and chemical peels quickly whiten the scar.