Please contact branch "Bank of Moscow" for the replenishment of the card account. If you carry a plastic card and a passport, then go to the checkout and tell the amount of Deposit. The cashier quickly enough to comply with your request. If you have no cards, but you remember her number, then ask the economist at the Bank to put money on your card.
Use the ATM, which has a function of reception of cash. Insert your card, enter PIN code and go to refill. Insert into the hole on one bill. The device will indicate the amount paid. After the required quantity, click "Add". Verify that the funds credited to your plastic card.
Log in to the system "Internet Client-Bank" from "Bank of Moscow". Can contact their nearest branch and complete the appropriate application form. After that, sign a contract, carefully studied the conditions and a fee for this service. As a result, you will get the opportunity to manage the account of a plastic card via the Internet.
Put money on the card "Bank of Moscow" transfer from an account opened in this Bank or in another Bank through the system "Internet Bank-Client". To do this, simply log on to the website and go to section control map. Select Deposit method and fill in the form of remittances. Click "Add" and confirm the operation.
Ask your relatives, friends or partners to put money on the card "Bank of Moscow". It's enough to call them your card number they will report to replenish the Bank Manager. Remind them that this operation can be carried out only with the provision of the passport of the Russian Federation. If you are using exchange account, there must be a notarized power of attorney in the name of replenishing.