Please contact branch "Bank of Moscow , to check the balance of a plastic card. For this you can refer to the free cashier or Manager. Present your card and passport, in response, the Bank official will give you information about the status of the account. However, sometimes there is no time or opportunity to visit departments and do not always happen the passport, in this case, it is possible to use alternative versions of the balance check.
Use the nearest ATM of "Bank of Moscow . Insert card and enter PIN. After that, you must go to "the balance of the card . The screen will display the necessary information.
Connect to automatic telephone Bank. It is necessary to apply to the branch of "Bank of Moscow and sign a contract. As a result, you will receive your customer ID and password. Next, you need to call the number +7(495)925-80-00 and follow the instructions answering machine. Go this way to the "card Balance and find out the required data.
Call the phone number +7(495)728-77-88, which is hour consultation with holders of "the Bank of Moscow . Tell the operator your request and learn about the current status of the account.
Find out information about the balance of the card by the service "SMS-banking . In order to use this service, you must first connect to it at the nearest branch of the Bank. After that, you can check the balance on a plastic card with the help of SMS-request. To do this, send to number 8000 SMS message with the last four digits of the card number. In response you will receive the amount in your account.
Log in to the system "Internet Bank-Client or "Web banking . With the help of these services you can check the status of your card anywhere in the world, we need only to access the Internet.