You will need
  • Talc, salt, lemon juice, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, sour milk, rubbing alcohol, acetone, turpentine, glycerin, denatured alcohol.
Put damaged clothes on a flat surface. Apply on the stain from a ballpoint pen tion salt. Then cut the lemon in two and squeeze the juice. In a few minutes, stains will not remain and a trace. Wash clothing as usual. In addition, you can sprinkle the contaminated area with talcum powder - adsorbent will absorb the ink.
Mix equal proportions of water and ammonia. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and blot the ink stain. After a few minutes, rinse the fabric. Carefully inspect the contaminated area. If the stain does not completely wash out, repeat the procedure. To cleanse the white stuff you can use a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.
Pour in a bowl of sour milk and soak the stained clothes. Leave on for a couple of hours. Then wash it in warm soapy water with added ammonia. As spot removal, change the milk.
Take rubbing alcohol and acetone. Mix in equal proportions. Wipe off the dirt with a cotton or gauze swab dipped in the solution. To the fabric is not formed of divorce, you need to handle from the edges to the center. In addition, you can sprinkle the area around the spot crushed chalk. Wash clothing in warm soapy water.
To remove old stains, prepare a mixture of turpentine and ammonia, taken in equal proportions. Apply the liquid to the contaminated area by using a cotton pad or a clean sponge for washing dishes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse fabric under running water. If the first time the stain is not amenable to breeding, repeat all over again.
Ink stains from leather items can be withdrawn in the following manner. Mix the glycerin and denatured alcohol. Apply foam sponge this solution on the clothes and gently scrub.