You will need
  • - The account "Administrator";
  • - Partition Manager.
To remove the partition to reclaim space on the hard disk. Of course, after purification of this volume, it can be joined to other local drives or to perform any other operations. To get rid of unnecessary section with the help of standard means of Windows. Open control panel and go to "Administration".
Usually access to it can be accessed through menu "System and security". Now select "computer Management" and go to "disk Management".
Right click the mouse on the graphical image of the recovery partition. Select "Delete partition". Click Yes to confirm the operation.
In that case, if you do not have access to the menu "Administration", the install program Partition Manager (you can use Acronis Disk Director). Restart the computer to complete the installation of the application. Start the Partition Manager by clicking the program's shortcut.
In the quick launch menu select "Delete partition". In the new window, click "Next". Click the left button of the mouse on local disk recovery and click "Next". Close the window preconditioning and click "Apply pending changes".
When you delete a partition open the main menu and select "Create partition". Set the size of your local disk. Select the file system (it is recommended to use NTFS). Enter a volume label (optional) and click Next. Click "Apply pending changes". Format the created partition. Close the Partition Manager.