Fresh paint much easier to remove than old. If less than three hours after you've soiled clothes, use soap. Lather the spot a few times and wipe it with a toothbrush.
Dried oil paint is necessary to remove the solvent. Before you clean the spot, apply a small amount on an inconspicuous area of the clothing. If the fabric is not damaged and the color does not change, the solvent can be used.
The oil paint well and remove the turpentine, the solvent 646 and 647, white spirit, kerosene. Imported white spirit free from sharp unpleasant smell, so it's best to use this tool. Put the stained area from the wrong side soft cloth. Apply a solvent swab and apply to the stain.
If the stain is deeply ingrained in the fabric, the pad will have to leave for a few hours, covering it in brown paper so the tool does not evaporate. To accelerate the dissolution, it is possible to heat the swab through a paper not too hot iron.
To soften the old paint, apply a mixture of turpentine and a small amount of ammonia, then scour with a strong solution of soda technical.
After stain removal the jacket will have some time to wash to get rid of the smell of the solvent. Better to do it manually to not wash then washing machine.
If you spilled oil paint leather jacket, try applying vegetable oil – olive or sunflower. Apply it on cotton or gauze and start to remove the paint from the jacket. Tampons control the extent of contamination. Stains from oil, wipe with a tool for skin cleaning or for washing dishes.
To remove the old paint, first apply a vegetable oil and then scour with liquid varnish remover that does not contain acetone.
Latex paint be washed with warm water and detergent. If the jacket stains remain, wipe them with a sliced onion.