To reduce the size of pictures without quality loss is impossible. However, you can choose the option of reducing the size at which the loss in quality will be acceptable. If you save pictures for the Internet, you can use this following programs.
The easiest way to resize in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. If you have Microsoft Office, just click on the picture, right-click and select "Open with - Microsoft Office Picture Manager". The menu opened the program, select: "image – resize", set the desired size, click OK and save the changes. The quality reduced in this way photographs are quite suitable for publication on the Internet, in this case, the reduction process takes a matter of seconds.
To reduce the size of photos you can use Photoshop. Run the program, open the desired photo is a "File – Open". Then select in the menu: "Image – image Size", enter the desired dimensions and click "OK". Please note that if you save the picture several times, then for a minimal loss in quality is better to carry out this operation several times, reducing the picture by 50% and removing the noise after each size reduction. For removing noise, use the "Filter – Noise – Remove noise".
If you're preparing a photograph for the Internet, after receiving the desired size in addition to open: "File – Save for Web". Select the image format, e.g., JPEG high. In the lower left corner of the photo will be displayed as its new size. If it is large, select a different quality settings – for example, JPEG Low. Then click Save, specify a file name and click "OK".
Good quality small pictures you can get with the program BenVista PhotoZoom. Its trial version can be downloaded here: