You will need
  • - color palette;
  • - necessary knowledge about color combinations in various shades in the interior.
Give preference to shades of orange and turquoise colors, they are beneficial to the appetite and give a charge of positive emotions.
Choose shades of blue or green, if you want to create a sense of natural atmosphere, plus they have soothing properties.
Countertops, made in bright colors, choose in the case when you want to visually enlarge the space. Combine them with cold shades of blue or purple colors, if your kitchen overlooks the Sunny side.
If the kitchen is on the North side, pick warm shades of beige or peach colorov.
Prefer shades of white, if you want to perform design of kitchen in classic style. Besides, the white color creates a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Dilute the shades of white with splashes of other colors to the interior did not look sterile.
Choose countertop yellow colorand if you want to create emphasis and to attract attention. Soft shades of yellow colorand mood.
If you need to interpret tree species, choose countertops dark colors.