A messenger - ICQ, Skype and so on – just restore forgotten passwords. Click on the link "Forgot password?" ("Remember the password", "reset password") at the boot screen or on the website of your messenger, enter in the appropriate field your username or email address you provided during registration, as well as the words or numbers from the image (used to protect the network from "robots"). Click Next - your email address will immediately receive a letter, from which you can go to the password recovery page.
If you lost the password of your blog, for example, or the scheme will be about the same: you need to follow the link "Forgot password?" (or similar), enter your username or email address and, if applicable, control numbers, or words with pictures. Then you also get an email with a link to the password recovery page.
Password recovery in social networks – it is a bit more complicated. As social media users post more personal information than bloggers, the administrators are more serious approach to security issues. For password recovery, for example, on the website your account needs to be linked to your mobile phone. After you have passed on the link "can't log in?" on the home page, you will need to enter the email address, check digits and letters, then your mobile phone will receive the code only after entering it you will be taken to the password recovery page. Therefore it is very important to attach to the account a current number of the mobile phone.
When you restore the password from the e-mail you typically require a response to a security question. This question and the answer you provide at registration, so it is important, first, to remember it, and secondly, to specify information that may become known to third parties. Fortunately, there are easier ways – many mail domains during registration is recommended to specify any other email address or mobile phone – with the help of these options you will also be able to recover the password in case if you don't remember it.