In any case, do not get angry on others, and no one to blame its troubles, including myself. Fantasize, think about their desires. Maybe it's time to go for gifts for yourself or loved ones, to finally repair or throw away an old chair, to go somewhere? Imagine your desires in details and colors like they're right in front of you. Now, go to their execution.
Don't think about the financial difficulties, their own complexes and disadvantages. Do not consider yourself a loser or a failure because of these problems. If you do a little work on them, prosperity will come to you.
Pay attention to family, children walk, chat with friends.
How to set yourself up for positive
Dress nicely, smile and be irresistible. Internal comes using external.
"I am the most charming and attractive..." - this phrase seems to you ridiculous? And try to talk about yourself out loud something good. Recognition of their own talents and love for yourself will keep you strong to the idea that success is achievable.