First inventory, making the act and surrendered after scrap using 10 account 20 Debit and Credit. When making use receipt order M-11, and after the scrap metal will be delivered, please note the revenue account 91. Remember that when posting you need to consider the price. As it take the market value or an estimate of use. To do this, make a few calls points of reception of scrap metal and ask at what price you can accept.
If your company any of the equipment fell into disrepair, and the Commission, it was decided to surrender it for disposal, this procedure will be different. First sign a contract with the respective enterprise. Then write out the waybill indicating the waste, but without specifying the weight. Then get a certificate from the host organization, which includes the weight and price of scrap metal. Do transaction: debit 91.2, credit of 10.6, the price quote in accordance with the cost of possible implementation. Revenue from the delivery of metal spend as follows: debit 76.1, 91.1 credit. Transaction debit 91.3 – credit 68.25 charge VAT from the received revenue.
If the scrap metal was just found on the territory of the organization and does not apply to the activities of the enterprise can proceed as follows. To sign the agreement of transfer of metal from natural persons, then surrendered it according to the previous example, and then can take the scrap to the receiving point. Don't forget that all income should be reflected in the transactions. Also, carefully review the Tax code and find out whether the scrap metal you found, benefits under the VAT. Otherwise, you still have to pay tax.