Under the Labour code, the leave of employees shall be paid based on average earnings and length of service. The duration of the position of rest in a calendar year is 28 days. This number may be increased in some cases, also specified in the normative act, for example, if you work with harmful and dangerous working conditions, or when working in the far North.

When calculating the length of vacation from the total amount deducted truancy unexcused, time to care for a vacation. When calculating the average earnings of the total subtract financial aid, payment of sick leave, and vacation pay.

As a rule, the employer must inform the employee on vacation two weeks before it starts. The holiday must be paid no later than three days before the prescribed holiday. With the amount of vacation pay in the budget should be paid income tax – 13%, which is accounted for in the period when the employee went on leave.

If output is not issued on time, the employee is entitled to request to reschedule a vacation at any other time. If he doesn't want that, you should go to labor inspection and to write a letter of complaint. The head will be forced to pay the fine, he also will be required to pay you vacation pay and default interest, calculated on the basis of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of Russia (1/300 part).

If the employee waives the right to leave, you must pay him compensation for all unused vacation. It is also calculated based on length of service and average earnings. Paid amount of compensation after receiving the application from the employee. Also, this payment will be paid upon dismissal of an employee, in this case, the funds are issued on the last day of work.