You will need
  • Paper, pen, envelope, stamps.
Consider the subject of your letter and what is the style of your message. Unusually composed letter will be more interesting, more mysterious.

There are many techniques that will make the structure of the letter is unusual and thereby revive it. It all depends on the main idea of the message, recipient and your imagination. You can add humor or to start a letter at the end. Insert into the letter a riddle, a puzzle.

Think of what letter format do not expect, and write a letter, breaking the foundations, within reasonable limits, of course.

The unusual language of the letters, the original word combinations, wordplay, too, can add to the distinctiveness of the message.
Create extraordinary design letters. Consider the font, color of paper and ink. You can add a letter funny pictures to put with the message a photo, a picture, a postcard with poetry or music or an object that symbolizes something mentioned in your letter.

Add message fragrance, perfume it. Write it on unusual texture and form of paper or not on paper at all.

Remember that the contents of the letter must be in harmony with his design, if only the reverse does not imply your idea.
Decide what kind of envelope you will seal the message. If the envelope is interesting and mysterious, it will intrigue around its content. Looking at him, the recipient want to immediately print the envelope to see what was inside.
Unusual shipping add originality to your writing. Beat this important point, depending on what the content of the letter and who is the addressee.

The letter can be delivered by special courier who will sing a song, presenting it to tell a funny story or it will be unusually dressed.

You can hide a letter in a certain place, and target to send the riddles. Solving each of them, it will be closer to the message.

Your task in the organization of delivery to the addressee set the right mood.