You will need
  • - special cable for connection.
Set up on your computer sound card, if you haven't done so already. Install the driver software which usually comes with the device or on the same disk with the motherboard in the case, if the adapter internal. Make sure that your monitor provides the availability of speakers.
Find the wire to connect them, a sneak peek, which connector is provided for input. Most often in monitors use a normal jack, the connection is made by pulling the wires from it to the connector of the sound card, marked with a headphone icon or the corresponding abbreviation.
If your model of monitor can be connected separately left and right speakers, connect them to the audio device of your computer in the same way, and monitor two-wire connect according to the color scheme or legend, if any. Most often, thus connecting the sound in the old CRT models or modern, in which there is internal TV-tuner. Also some computers-all-in-ones often have relatively good sound built into them speakers. In any case, replace a full speaker system monitor can not.
Adjust the speaker volume of the monitor with the buttons on the front panel. If necessary, install the display driver supplied with the device, it is possible, you will have additional utility sound settings.
Please note that most speakers monitors do not support high quality sound, so if you are going to watch on your computer movies or listen to music, purchase as soon as possible a new, separate speakers or use headphones.