You will need
  • envelope;
  • brand;
  • handle.
Write a letter in advance and come with him to the post. Verify with the clerk of the Department of shipping. This can be a simple or registered letter, ordinary or valuable parcel, sending your choice can be made by ground or by air. All these details will affect the timing of delivery of the letter and its value.
Carefully and neatly label the envelope. Complete it clearly and legibly, preferably in block letters. Index write stylized figures, according to the pattern which is on the envelope. Use a black or blue paste, do not use red or green ink. Does not draw the envelope by unauthorized signs and symbols (hearts, smiley faces, etc.).
In the top left corner put the name and initials of the sender in the parent case. Then you write a return address: first name street, house number, apartment number; then the name of the settlement and of the district; the name of the region or Republic and the country. Write below your postal code.
The data recipient must be in the lower right corner. For international shipments, the name and address of the recipient filled in Latin letters and Arabic numerals. You can write it in the language of the destination country, but provided that duplication of names of countries in Russian. In the lower left corner, write the index of the recipient. Try to find out his destination.
Attach the required number of stamps to the upper right corner of the envelope. If you send by mail the documents to make it better by registered letter with notification. In the envelope put the inventory in the envelope indicating the number of pages and a photocopy of the cheque. The original of the payment receipt be sure to save. To track the delivery of your message on the official website of the Russian post.