Naturally, for the manifestation of all its beauty the plant need sufficient amount of care, sun, moisture, and soil enriched with nutrients. Start watering daylilies is in spring, when the hive is formed and during the formation of buds. It is not necessary to fill the plant daily, preferably once a week, but not sparing of water. The end of watering in late summer after falling off the last flowers. In addition, you should know that the daylilies watered only in the evening hours, and only at the root.

Fertilize the plant after rain or irrigation. Flower fertilizing, remember that too much care can cause only growth of a large number of leaves. To daylilies wintered safely in the harsh Russian frosts before winter is to insulate its fallen leaves, dry branches of trees, and you can use a natural cloth or wool. However, it is desirable to remove all this early spring to avoid rotting of the plant. Just before winter, the flower are cut at ten feet above the ground. Initially, the spring is necessary to completely clean the area where you'll daylilies, from fallen leaves, otherwise it can cause disease of plants, and as a result, and death.

Reproduction of the flower is vegetative, but also because of the seeds. Seed propagation is quite a long process, because they are hard to germinate, and the first buds appear not earlier than in three years. Vegetative reproduction is more rapid development of the embryo and it will bloom the following year.

It is believed that daylilies has one big disadvantage, namely the rapid wilting of individual flower, but it kompensiruet wide abundance of flowers on the Bush. Despite its simplicity for the plant still have to watch at least in order to give it aesthetic appearance. Flowers should be planted to decorate your site, and therefore, it is necessary from time to time to remove dead flowers, avoiding the untidy appearance.