In this regard, the presence of cellars necessarily on every well-organized plot or farm.

In the construction of the cellar is necessary to consider all: the features of the site, the cellar, its location, size, specificity of the soil with the proximity of groundwater.

Although cellar from the point of view of the Builder belongs to a rather simple and easy to execution of works.

However, before the cellar, you first need to determine the type and choose the most appropriate and relevant to your context structure. For example, the earthen cellar is the most simple and common type of cellar, and is equipped with the most often separated from other buildings, i.e. with a certain occupied area.

By the way, the construction of this cellar is justified in the case of small plot sizes.

Moreover, in the earthen cellar ensures the most favourable conditions for the preservation of vegetables, fruit, potatoes and other tubers, because they practically do not dry out, due to the presence of a clay floor are provided for maintaining the required humidity.