• sea Kale (marinated) - 300 g;
  • carrots - 300 g;
  • pickled cucumbers – 250-350 g;
  • 0.5 kg of beets;
  • potatoes - 400 g;
  • onion - 200 g;
  • sunflower oil;
  • black pepper, sugar and salt.


  1. Start to be engaged in preparation of seaweed. Drain the liquid from the jar and chop the seaweed with a knife.
  2. Then you have to prepare beets. For this purpose the root should be thoroughly washed and put it in a saucepan with water which should bring it to a boil. The younger and smaller the beet, the faster it will cook. On average, its cooking takes 40-50 min.
  3. Once the root is ready, it should pull from the pan and place in ice water for at least 10 minutes. After that, get it out, clean and cut with a knife into small cubes. Then the beets should be mixed with a not very large number of sunflower oil. Is it necessary to root not able to paint other vegetables red.
  4. Separately boiled until cooked carrots and potato tubers. After they become warm, they should remove the peel and cut with a sharp knife into small cubes.
  5. Cucumbers if you wish, you can also peel, but I can not do this. Cucumbers cut the same as carrots - small cubes.
  6. The onion need to be peeled and also cut into very small cubes. Instead of the usual onion use a salad or green.
  7. Then all vegetables have to put in a large enough container. There sprinkle salt to taste. You can also add a bit of sugar-sand and black pepper.
  8. At the end pour in the sunflower oil. All carefully mix each, and return the dish to not less than one-third hours for the infusion in a cool place. Very tasty and unusual salad is ready.