You will need
  • - reinforcing wire;
  • rod valves;
  • - welding machine;
  • - binding wire Ø0,8-1,2 mm;
  • roulette;
  • - angle grinder.
Select a laying pattern of reinforcement. Strip foundations are working in compression and bending in the vertical plane. In relation to compression do not worry, concrete can withstand large compressive loads. But bending stresses arising from differential settlements of the soil and its expansion, represent a great danger. To neutralize it, you need the top and bottom of the Foundation along its entire length to lay reinforcing bars with a diameter of 10-14 mm. is Often restricted to laying only four bars – two downstairs and two above. In responsible structures, their number increased to 6- 8.
To isolate the rebar from ground water should it be in the depth of the Foundation at a distance of 50-70 mm from all surfaces (top, bottom and side).
Rebar is convenient to assemble in separate segments outside of the casing, then inserting them into the formwork and connecting to a single steel frame. Bend of reinforcing wire shape in the form of the letter "P". Jumper letters will be positioned across the width of the Foundation, so its length must be less than the width of the base at 100-140 mm. Ends vertically, so their length should be the same value (100-140 mm) is smaller than the height of the Foundation. The number of blanks should be counted according to the total length of the Foundation, provided that the distance between them is about 0.5 M.
Select the letter "P" on the land down jumpers in a row at a distance of 0.5 m from each other. So they did not fall, tie them to pegs stuck in the ground next to them. The length of one segment of the reinforcement must be such that it was easy to install in formwork – 2,5-3 m. Lay the inside of the letters "P" (in the corners) two reinforcing bars with a length of 2.5-3 m and weld them to the wire. 200 mm above fix still two rods of the same length, tying or privaris them to vertical wires (legs). Connect these terminals to each other jumpers made of wire or rods. The result is a lower reinforcing belt segment consisting of 4 working cores.
Create a similar zone in the upper part of the frame. Ie tie to the vertical wires, two rows of reinforcement bars with a distance between rows 200 mm, Connect between them a longitudinal ligaments. The result will be a segment of rebar, consisting of upper and lower belts, each of which in turn consists of 4 working cores.
Fabricate required for the whole Foundation, the number of such segments. Install them in the mould in the stand of stones with a height of 50-70 mm, thereby ensuring the necessary clearance between the reinforcement and the bottom of the Foundation. The distance from the reinforcement to the formwork sides must be the same (50-70 mm). The ends of the rods of adjacent segments to overlap at 200-250 mm. Tie each pair of ends between three twist tie-wire (two on the ends and one in the middle).
Bend 90° the required number of reinforcing bars, designed for connection of the segments at the corners of the Foundation – eight at each corner. They connect adjacent segments. The connection settings should be the same as in the previous step: the overlap of the rods is not less than 200-250 mm, the number of twists of wire not less than 3 x per connection. This laying of rebar in the Foundation can be considered completed.