In our days almost all have free access to the tub or shower, where you can spend a wonderful contrast water procedures. Their use is multifaceted. One of the parties is a good cosmetic effect and the extension of youth.

Sudden temperature drop creates a circulatory system that allows to saturate with oxygen and nutrients of blood every cell of the body. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which prevents numerous age-related diseases - from varicose veins to heart attacks and strokes. Gets powerful acceleration the metabolism, and this entails a cascade cosmetic - healthy skin, improve the complexion, firming of the shape and strengthen muscles.

Thus, the rejuvenation is carried out in three fronts - looks, health and prevention of age-related diseases. This is a serious motivation for those who doubt the benefit of a contrast shower. Even those who do not have any health problems, such hardening will definitely benefit in the future.

Carry out the procedure it is best in the morning, then all day you are guaranteed a charge of vivacity. To start better in the warmer time of the year and not necessarily for the whole body. First, you can sling legs alternately warm and cool water three times, gradually moving to a more contrasting temperatures and large areas of the body. The pace is determined by your comfort.

Do not expect instant and stunning effect. It is very important gradualism. If you hurry up and start with extreme temperatures, you can harm your health - the body has to get used to, to produce the adaptive response. They do not occur immediately and require support, i.e. the regularity of practice. Upon termination of spraying, the resultant effect disappears after about three months.

Please note that for contrast douches have contraindications. Is an inflammatory disease in the acute stage, heart disease and blood vessels, diabetes and some autoimmune diseases. To clarify the mode and intensity of dousing it is better to consult a doctor. Also to clarify disputed issues should be for the elderly and parents of young children - despite the opportunity to choose the optimal mode of dousing for people of any age, it is better to do it under the guidance of experts.