The main causes of the problems, oddly enough, many people are the same. And are often passed from generation to generation.

The first and main reason is the lack of a strong relationship with my parents. As strange as it may seem this argument, but it is true 100%. If the parents relationship is built around children, home, or just because it's late to change something, then the child in such a family forms the disturbed system of values. Creating my family, it automatically migrates the model of relations in it. Or realizing that the way to build a family the wrong way, starts to randomly build their own system of values in which to adjust their life and surrounding.

Hence the next problem. When young people with different values to create a family without talking with a partner, what they want to see her start to rebuild each other for themselves. If it's two strong personalities, they begin every day to fight each other, leading to hatred, violence and divorce. And when one mentally weaker, he just stays strong and eventually live permanently depressed, and the second, in turn, believes that love him so much, not paying attention to the emotional state of the partner. It seems that this is a good couple, but their relationship is no love.

One of the most common causes of maternal love. It seems, do the words "mother's love" Holy. Yes, but only when they major on the love of the mother for the child. Very often this love is not based on love, and the sense of ownership, of broken hopes, dissatisfaction in personal life. The mother starts to get into the family of his child, not allowing him to build his life. The desire to attract attention she does not notice that poisons the relationship of son. Also the reason may be that young mother switches all his attention, tenderness and care for the child, pushing aside her husband. Man, trying to get the attention of the wife, becomes jealous for her child. And not being able to restore the old relationship - distant. The woman begins to resent - after all, she has done nothing wrong. So they continue to live irritating and resenting each other.

To avoid these problems and build a happy relationship based on love and respect for each other, it is only necessary to build with a partner of shared values. And only then the relationship will be happy and no one will be left neglected, deprived or resentful.