0 to 3 months

A baby at this age are only able to feel temperature, touch, smell, see visual images. The main feeling is the presence or absence of a number of mother, her heat and smell. At this age baby need touch, affection, kissing and the words, spoken in a gentle tone. Hug and kiss your baby, the more the better!

From 3 months to 1.5 years

During this period, still remain significant tactile interaction of the child and mother. To six months the child does not have its own response system, it is completely dependent on the mother, making it together. Emotional mother gets the child, so it is important not to worry and not to be nervous when you hold a favorite child on hands or simply are nearby.

Investing in child love and positive emotions, the mother contributes to the formation of the baby is confident, which is very important for the whole future life.

Laying the foundations of a free, self-confident personality

Happy, calm and confident mother always feels the needs of her child and fulfils them. The child, surrounded by love, knowing that mom will always be cared for, to be there and support in any situation, there is also growing happy and strong spirit. Feeling such tremendous support and inner strength of the mother, baby boldly explores the world. Fueling the energy of the mother, he comes up with his own inner confidence that will be useful in adult life, to solve problems in front of him.

The formation of insecurity child

If the mother is in a state of anxiety, discomfort, neurosis, it is, by definition, will not be able to raise a happy child. These children have no confidence that the mother will support, not alienate and not be punished. In such circumstances, the child is not able to explore the world safely. Mother, using as punishment, leaving the child at the risk to grow emotionally fragile child, prone to psychosis and insecure. There is another extreme: excessive protection. Anxious parents hinder child development, stopping, shouting: don't touch, don't run, don't jump and many other "no". This behavior leads to the formation of passivity in children in the future, the child continues to behave, to wait, not to touch, not to go forward.

Raising a baby, it should be remembered that from a very early age, your child's personality. Consider his needs and interests, and a positive result will not keep itself waiting long.