Better to luxuriate in bed or vigorously to start the day?

Juicy fruits, an invigorating shower jet, energetic exercises will help to Wake up the body in the morning.

Any Breakfast will not be able to give a hand immediately. Time to Wake up is only possible at work or on the way there. Few people enjoy cold showers, and hot or warm gives only a short-term effect, and only relaxes.

Exercise helps "disperse" in the morning muscle tone and to start the thinking processes in the mind. Everyone would like the morning to get up, not "to rise up" as is usually the case. But what benefits has this morning ritual?

With the light pull-UPS, tension and relaxation of individual body parts, of light workout each body is adjusted already in a working mood.

Movement increases the protective functions of the organism.

Stronger groups of muscles, not forgetting about health.

When exercise will become a habit, the person on the machine is already faster starts "jumping" at home to think: what things do you need to collect and make steps to productively start the workday.

Smile morning will become an essential attribute, which will cause confusion of the people around them.

In the final, getting to work, rush to feelings of cheerfulness and readiness activities. Moreover, enjoy energy continues throughout the working day. Even went out after work on the street, there will be forces for an evening walk in a pair of superb mood. Yes there street! Share atmosphere with homemade!

Of course, someone might not believe it, someone, on the contrary, the next day try to spend their morning in a new way. Man is an individual entity, so this issue is left up to each.